Grout Cleaning and Sealing

There’s hope for dirty grout lines!

Many people think that if their grout lines won’t come clean, the grout must need to be replaced. This simply isn’t true. Professional tile and grout cleaning and restoration services, including deep cleaning of grout lines, can give your floors, walls, showers, and other tile and grout surfaces a brand new look.

We clean and restore tile and grout to like new.

Grout is a porous material that must be properly cleaned and maintained. We provide full-service care and maintenance for tile and grout floors, countertops, walls, kitchens, baths and showers, entrances, pool areas, patios, porches, outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas, and anywhere else tide and grout is found.

Periodic professional cleaning will make your tile and grout more sanitary and a bit healthier by getting rid of dirt, grime and bacteria that gets trapped deep within the porous surface of your grout.

Complete Grout Services

Our processes include degreasing, cleaning, grout repair, and in some rare instances, grout replacement.

At Facility Specialists, our trained technicians can restore your grout to like new. We use professional strength cleaners as well as high-pressure water jets to achieve the best possible results.

Clear Grout Sealer

An important part of our tile cleaning services is removing the dirt and soil from grout lines and applying a clear sealant or color sealer to act as a barrier to dirt and bacteria.

Color Sealer

If your grout has permanent stains or a blotchy appearance due to improper installation, grout color sealing may be the solution you are looking for. With our grout color sealing (also known as grout dyeing) services, we can match your existing color, or we can change the color of your grout to any color you want and give your floors a completely different look. Plus, color sealing actually prevents staining, a very common grout problem. With constant-acting mildewcides and fungicides, your grout stays cleaner and healthier than unsealed or clear sealed grout.

Are you in the Philadelphia / Delaware Valley area and are looking for tile and grout cleaning and sealing? Contact Facility Specialists today online or give us a call at (215) 732-7505.


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