StoneGuard® Countertop Protection

StoneGuard Satin

The left side is protected with StoneGuard Satin. The right side is unprotected.

StoneGuard Clear

The left side is protected with StoneGuard Clear. The right side is unprotected.

StoneGuard® Countertop Protection

StoneGuard® provides unparalleled countertop protection. StoneGuard® is a protective polyethylene film applied to natural stone countertops and other surfaces, like conference tables and desks, bar tops, and more. Etches from acidic substances or improper cleaners, as well as ultraviolet rays that can accelerate the etching process, leave your once-pristine tops looking uninviting. Scratches, heat marks, chips, and dings take a toll, as well. StoneGuard® adds a new level of protection against such damage.

StoneGuard® Benefits

  • High heat tolerance (up to 300 degrees F)
  • Anti-etch
  • Enhanced gloss
  • Scratch protection
  • Chip and ding protection
  • Stain protection
  • Easy maintenance

Time to Ditch Those Temporary Protective Solutions

Coasters, placemats, table runners, liners, and the like are noticeable and often unwelcome solutions for stone protection. While they may keep your tops in decent condition, they also cover the beauty and elegance of the natural stone. StoneGuard® is very unobtrusive and actually enhances the appearance of your stone by increasing the gloss by a minimum of 300%.

Sealers must be continually reapplied and only provide minimal protection against acidic substances — they basically only buy you some time to quickly wipe up the spill. But what if you don’t notice the spill or don’t have time to immediately attend to it? StoneGuard® eliminates the need for sealing your stone, because it is highly resistant to acidic substances.

StoneGuard®’s Easy Maintenance

Normally, natural stone must be periodically serviced by a professional stone restoration contractor in order to hone and polish out scratches and damage, remove stains, and reapply sealer, but a StoneGuard®-protected top requires no such maintenance. Simply use a clean microfiber towel, StoneGuard® Surfectant cleaner, and warm water to wipe down your top. That’s it!

Answers to Common Questions

Here are the answers to a few common questions about StoneGuard®. Of course, you can feel free to give us a call with any additional questions and more specific warranty information.

Will the film get damaged over time?

StoneGuard® is a consumable product that will see natural wear and tear over time. Following care procedures on Maintenance Instructions to minimize damage and wear to the film.

Is StoneGuard® permanent?

StoneGuard® is not permanent and can be removed.

What is StoneGuard®’s Warranty?

StoneGuard® comes with a 3 year Limited Warranty from bubbling and discoloration and a 15 year Performance Guarantee.

Are you tired of repeated having dull, etched, damaged countertops restored? StoneGuard® is a long-lasting solution. We service the Philadelphia / Delaware Valley area. Contact Facility Specialists today online or give us a call at (215) 732-7505.


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