StoneGuard® For Marble Kitchen

  • StoneGuard Protection
    Here is the marble kitchen as it was when we arrived at the job site.
  • StoneGuard Protection
    Our measuring process is extremely exact.
  • StoneGuard Protection
    The application process requires several skilled and experienced technicians.
  • StoneGuard Protection
    We use a series of squeegees, with increasing degrees of hardness to remove air and water trapped between the film and the top.
  • StoneGuard Protection
    This marble countertop is protected against etching.
  • StoneGuard Protection
    Here is another image of the finished countertop from a different angle.

Etched, Dull Marble Countertops

Homeowners in Philadelphia contacted us to restore their well-used marble kitchen countertops and island top. Having consistently been exposed to acidic substances commonly found in drinks and sauces, the polished marble finish had become etched and dull.

We explained to the homeowners that their countertops could be restored to an elegant, pristine condition, but that periodic restoration would be necessary to keep the them looking great. The homeowners were pretty sure the countertops would continue to be exposed to acidic substances, and they didn’t want the hassle of being super-careful all the time. We suggested a solution for long-lasting protection that would eliminate the need for periodic restoration, a protective film called StoneGuard®. They enthusiastically agreed.

StoneGuard® Application Prep

First, we fully restored the marble kitchen counters and island top, removing all the scratches, etches, and dullness. Then, we cleaned the top with warm water, a microfiber towel, and StoneGuard® Surfectant cleaner, and let it dry completely.

Our StoneGuard® Application Process

Here’s how we applied the StoneGuard®. We measured and cut the material to exacting specifications before applying. Once the material was applied and edges were trimmed, we painstakingly removed excess water and air bubbles with successively harder squeegees. Finally, we gave the surface a thorough inspection and sealed the edges.

The homeowners were amazed at the well-bonded finish and spectacular gloss and relieved to know their countertops would be extremely easy to maintain since they were protected from high heat, etching, scratching and staining.

To learn more, visit our StoneGuard® page.

Are you tired of repeatedly having dull, etched, damaged countertops restored? StoneGuard® is a long-lasting solution. We service the Philadelphia / Delaware Valley area. Contact Facility Specialists today online or give us a call at (215) 732-7505StoneGuard® is fully warrantied and available in both clear gloss and satin finishes.


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