Facility Specialists has been providing custodial service for Our Mother of Consolation School on a 5-day per week schedule since 2006. The cleaning has been excellent and the service very reliable. Facility Specialists also has been issued their own set of keys to our building and has been entering and exiting our building each evening without incident. In addition to the daily tasks of dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping and removing trash in all academic as well as business areas, bathrooms and break areas, Facility Specialists also performs an annual detailed building cleaning which includes stripping and waxing all VCT floor areas and cleaning all carpets. The marble and terrazzo in the church building is also cleaned and polished by Facility Specialists on regular basis. We have been very pleased with their work and would be happy to recommend their services.

Rev. Robert L.Bazzoli, Our Mother of Consolation Parish,