Concrete Floor Gets Brand New Look

  • Restored Concrete
    Here is the concrete floor, completely restored and stained. What a difference!
  • Concrete During Grinding
    Our restoration process happened in stages. You can see the progress here.
  • During Concrete Restoration
    This image was taken while we were in the process of preparing the floor for restoration.
  • Concrete Before
    This is what the concrete floor looked like when we first arrived on the job site.

Old Flooring Removed Revealing Ugly Concrete

Philadelphia business owners removed old flooring. When they saw what poor condition the concrete underneath was in, they had second thoughts about their decision to have the concrete floor polished and stained. We reassured them that we can completely transform concrete with our professional restoration services.

Concrete Repair, Polishing, Staining, and Refinishing

To prepare the slab for restoration, we removed the mastic adhesive left behind from the old flooring and patched holes and cracks. We also lined the walls and windows with plastic to protect against stains and damage during the restoration process.

We ground and honed the floor with successively smaller grits, at first removing surface damage, such as scratches, ground in dirt, and stains, and as we continued, eventually achieving a highly polished finish. To maintain the integrity of the concrete during the restoration process, improve its stain resistance, and give it a gorgeous red appearance, we stained and densified the floor with three applications of high quality red stain. During this stage of the restoration process, we spent some extra time cleaning up and working around the edges of the room. Our final step was to seal and burnish the concrete to achieve a mirror-like finish.

The business owners were very impressed with the extra color intensity, shine, and clarity of the finish.

To learn more, visit our Decorative Concrete Services page.

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