StoneGuard® For Marble Table

  • Stoneguard Application
    We carefully measured the table top and cut generous blanks.
  • Stoneguard Applicators
    Our experienced technicians used even, far-reaching wiping movements to remove water and air trapped between the Stoneguard film and the top.
  • Stoneguard Table Top
    Once the application process was complete, we thoroughly inspected the table for flaws (and didn't find any).

Marble Table Top Prone to Etch Damage

Homeowners in Philadelphia contacted us to apply StoneGuard® to their new marble dining table. They purchased the table, knowing it would be consistently exposed to acidic substances, such as wine, orange juice, and tomato sauce, that could cause etch damage. They wanted to be proactive in protecting the polished marble finish against etching, as well as scratches, stains, and high heat, and keeping the table top looking brand new all the time without professional refinishing.

StoneGuard® Application Prep and Application Process

First, we cleaned the top with StoneGuard® Surfectant cleaner, warm water, and a microfiber towel.

Here’s how we applied the StoneGuard®. We measured and cut the material to exacting specifications before applying. Once the material was applied and edges were trimmed, we painstakingly removed excess water and air bubbles with successively harder squeegees. Finally, we gave the surface a thorough inspection and sealed the edges.

The homeowners were very pleased with the end result.

To learn more, visit our StoneGuard® page.

Are you tired of repeated having dull, etched, damaged countertops restored? StoneGuard® is a long-lasting solution. We service the Philadelphia / Delaware Valley area. Contact Facility Specialists today online or give us a call at (215) 732-7505StoneGuard® is fully warrantied and available in both clear gloss and satin finishes.


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